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Montgomery and Ralph Scene from “Fame” (Original 1980 Film)

(I woulda embedded it as an actual video post, but embedding was disabled -.-)

So recently I’ve been on a bit of a “Fame” high (I have no clue why) I’ve been watching the original 1980 film daily for the past few weeks, and I’ve re-watching the 1982 TV series as well, I also keep listening the OBC recording of the musical version’s soundtrack repeatedly. It’s probably because I started College in September and I’m doing the BTEC Performing Arts Extended Diploma Level 3, and it’s actually just like Fame (it’s just as hard and exhausting, that’s for sure xP) also I had to do 3 auditions for singing, dancing and acting to get on the course (because, unlike in Fame, you HAVE to be able to do all 3) and the auditions were exactly like it is at the beginning of the original Fame film. I’m serious, it’s creepy how similar it seemed.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post this clip from the film is because it cheers me up when I’ve had a bad day and I’m seriously doubting if I’ll ever make it. Montgomery’s words in this scene are true and give me strength. Plus, Montgomery has always been my favorite character, well, him and Leroy.

(This is the scene after Ralph screwed up his comedy act, because he was upset and distracted after getting into arguments with both Doris and Montgomery. And then Montgomery goes to comfort him backstage.)